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March 1, 2010

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February 16, 2010

Fashionistas Imortalised in Wool

October 27, 2009

Having been dubbed the ‘coolest toy of the year’  by Urban Junkies, everyone wants to get their hands on these adorable finger puppet characters, each one an uncanny representation of the worlds leading designers, editors and fashion icons. These odd little chaps come courtesy of The Daily Rubbish magazine and are exclusively available from Liberties for the princely sum of £65 per set. Sold in box sets of five, you can choose your favorite fashion city, Milan, London, Paris or New York. Heroes of the fashion world from Vivienne Weswood and Donatella Versace to Karl Lagerfeld and Paul Smith should be honoured by these woolen imortalisations (although I’m not too sure how impressed Giorgio will be with his wrinkly, orange representation!)

Dog Art

August 30, 2009

Master animal photographer Ren Netherland has found a way to turn Dog’s into a whole new species – GENIUS! If you’re not the biggest fan of canines then I can think of nothing better than to use artistic talent to groom them into something better…

A Horse…

A Camel…

A Buffalow…

Or even a panda…

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Fancy a Rank?…at the Old Truman Brewery

August 3, 2009


Last Thursday saw the opening night of celebrity photographer John Rankin’s epic retrospective exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery. Epic is no over statement; described as ‘museum scale’, the exhibition covers 22,000 square foot and includes over 600 of Rankin’s distinctive images from is archive. Rankin showcases a vast array of his work spanning  across his 22 year career. His subjects range from Kate Moss to the Queen with themes ranging from the bizarre to the erotic, cleverly curated within separated sectioned off areas. The exhibition goes by the title ‘Fancy a Rank’ and whoever came up with that cheeky line had a few more where that came from, ‘He came, he saw, he ranked’, ‘Rank OFF!’ and ‘I’ve been Ranking’ were all displayed on button badges handed out at the entrance on the night of the private view.


This is an ambitious and entertianing show from one of the world’s most talented celebrity photographers and is well worth a visit. The show is on at The Old Truman Brewery, 85 Brick Lane and runs for 7 weeks until 18th September.

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‘I Didn’t Know there was Chicken in this Soup’

July 21, 2009

The latest up and coming name on the current art scene is VITO SCHNABEL, a New York youngster whose been dealing since he was at school. Now in his early twenties, Schnabel has a serious history of curating projects and spotting talent and is rapidly forging his career having been deemed the next Leo Castelli, the iconic gallerist who changed the face of the contemporary-art market in the ’60s. Bestowing his artistic vision upon (where other than) East London, you can find his latest exhibition on display at 20 Hoxton Square Projects, showcasing works by THEO A ROSENBLUM.

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The Exhibition ‘I Didn’t Know There Was Chicken in This Soup’, consist of humorous paintings, sculptures and drawings influenced by comic books, horror films and medieval art. Rosenblum’s work is described to be about ‘the natural order of the world; mankind’s artificial replications and interruptions of order and his own skepticism and fears this generates’…in other words, life can often make you feel like a shit magnet…

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The exhibition runs from 24th June – 1st August at 20 Hoxton Square Projects, London, N1 6NT.

Save the Fish!

July 9, 2009

A pop up diplay in the window at Central Saint Martin’s on Charing Cross Road. It combines a Michael Jackson tribute with a brutal blender aquarium for two unfortunate gold fish…