The Future of Architecture: The AA School’s Projects Review Exhibition

June 24, 2010

A new exhibition of work by 650 students will go on display this Friday (25 June) at the Architectural Association School. The exhibition is set to demonstrate some of the most radical and experimental thinking in architecture and cultural enquiry today (these images should give an idea of just how futuristic we’re talking).

From sketch to render, hybrid collage analysis of a lawnmower flywheel detail – Drawing project. Wiktor Kidziak, First Year Student

The exhibition opening will also mark the grand opening of the AA School’s newly expanded Bedford Square campus which will be open to the public for the first time.

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Acupuncture Art Competition 2010

June 8, 2010

Acupuncture Clothing and Lazy Gramophone are offering a great opportunity to all designers and artists out there. They asking entrants to design T-shirts and shoes for the London clothing company with first prize winning £500 plus a free gift of a product where your artwork is used and runners up winning £200 plus a free gift of a product where your artwork is used.

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The Indefinable artist (or should that be designer?)

May 9, 2010

Ron Arad’s multi-disciplinary work has long been described to defy categorization, covering an array of genres including art, design, sculpture and architecture. In his current exhibition at the Barbican Centre, Arad’s work is presented in such a way that it responds to each of the categories. The opening room encourages visitors to play, touch and interact with the work in such a way that reminds viewers that each piece is a functioning object, designed for every day life.

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May 8, 2010

On Thursday 6 May the Barbican Centre hosted an evening of fantasy and imagination in the form of a whimsical Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. The Barbican’s Garden Room was transformed into a dream like wonderland adorned with floating edible treats and fantastical fairy lights while the fancy costumes worn by guests added to the atmosphere of wonderment.

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Art and Design…one and the same?

May 4, 2010

On 29th October 2010, a panel of top-notch professionals from the two, supposedly delineated worlds of Art and Design, came together to take on the debate of ‘design versus art’. Throughout the past four decades, the face and public perception of design has changed dramatically, mutating from the post punk, DIY rebellion of the 1970’s, to standardised mass production in the 80’s .

By the 90’s we were living in an era of globalised design and glossy finishes and with the millennium came the decade of a booming art market with design becoming increasingly recognised as a stand alone art form in it’s own right. This progression eventually culminated in the coining of the phrase ‘Design Art’ and the ‘naughties’ are the two disciplines more blurred than ever.

In the light of the Barbican’s current show; Ron Arad: Restless which showcases the works of the internationally acclaimed artist, architect and design maverick, the art versus design debate rears it’s head once more.

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Experimental Lighting

February 5, 2010

This spooky glowing chemistry set is the latest in the labware lighting range from Benjamin Hubert in collaboration with British manufacturer Authentics. Hubert has created three test tube inspired designs, which may be displayed as floor lights or hanging pendent bulbs. Each light is mouth blown and hand finished, made from opal and clear glass with Portuguese bark corks and blue braided cable. The handmade nature of the lights makes each one a unique work of art in it’s own right. So if you’re looking to give your home that Frankenstien feel, or simply have a yearning to reconnect with your school days of chemistry sets and science lessons, Hubert’s labware lighting is just the ticket.