Mystery Multiples from New Museum and Third Draw Down

February 24, 2010

Third Draw Down; have launched their new project ‘Multiboxes’ this week in collaboration with New York’s New Museum. The Multibox is a unique multiple edition, the contents of which has been created by one of five acclaimed artists; Rashid Johnson, Douglas Gordon, Fawn Krieger and Tristan Perich.

The contents of the sealed Multibox remains a mystery and all that is known prior to opening is that it will be a three dimensional object created by one of the collaborative artists. The element of mystery elicits intrigue and promises surprise and fun for whoever opens it! Each artist was free to design whatever object they liked to fill the contents of the mystery Mutibox, restricted only by size and weight requirements. Each artist has created extraordinary designs, some thoughtful, some expressive and some humorous but all an expression of the artist’s unique personality and style. The boxes were launched this week, produced in limited editions of 2,000 (500 per artist), and are available to buy now.


My Sentiments Exactly

February 23, 2010

Now, I remember making a sampler when I was in year three but it was nowhere near this cool. In fact, mine was so atrocious it got thrown out while my sisters is still in pride of place, framed on my parents bedroom wall. Sad but true. I reckon if I’d come home with one of these beauties my self esteem might not be in the tatterd shreds you find it in today.

In Case of Emergency Break Dance Sampler by Miso Funky

Make Tea Not War Sampler by Miso Funky

To buy visit – a very cute online store run by Rachael Lamb.

Gavin Bond: Music

February 22, 2010

Grace Jones © Gavin Bond

The latest exhibition from Idea Generation Gallery unveils a collection of photographs from maverick photographer Gavin Bond. The exhibition is a celebration of music and its excessive celebrity associations. This is the first exhibition of Bond’s music photography and displays extravagant images of this generation’s biggest stars from rock Gods such as Steven Tyler and Ozzy Osborne to pop princesses Girls Aloud and Katy Perry.

Stephen Tyler © Gavin Bond courtesy of Idea Generation

Gavin Bond is acclaimed as one of the UK’s most successful contemporary photographers having gained access into the lives of some of the best known celebrities and shooting highly intimate and telling portraits. The works originate from a variety of shoots such as magazine covers for GQ and Q, album artwork and imagery for hit HBO dramas as well as never before seen private moments and behind the scenes reportage.

Idea Generation Gallery Manager, Eloise Rowley commented: “Gavin Bond’s photos evoke many of the greatest popular cultural photographers of our time. His portfolio of work stands alongside world renowned photographers.” Bond’s distinctive style delves deep beneath the skin of his subjects to reveal a sense of personality and emotion usually masked to the public. The array of iconic figures featured side-by-side offers a rich tapestry of celebrated music icons in one indulgent hit of pure celebrity voyeurism.

The Killers © Gavin Bond courtesy of Idea Generation Gallery

No Doubt © Gavin Bond courtesy of Idea Generation Gallery

Possibly some truth in this…?

February 21, 2010

I heart this…

February 16, 2010

Kinetica Art Fair 2010

February 8, 2010

This weekend wrapped up 2010’s Kinetica Art Fair and it really was quite a show with an impressive and eclectic range of robotic sculptures, serene light shows and digital art works on display. Kinetica is the UK’s only art fair dedicated to the visual and interactive medium of kinetic electronic art and hosts artists from all over the world.

The show took place at Marylebone’s converted car park galley, P3, where upon arrival we were greeted by a huge clanging truck, adorned with wheels, pullies, ropes and pipes that churned and turned like a perfectly crafted living rubbish dump! This impressive preview piece was just for starters and was a mere taster of the 150 plus artists works which were exhibited across the whole show.

Several pieces caught my eye in particular, most notably, Liquid Athletes (pictured below), a light projection, water and audio installation piece by a group of New Media Art and Design students at Thames Valley University; Ryan Best, Immo Blaese, Sally Butterfield, Panos Diamondis, Nimra Javaid and Marcin Wysocki. The piece was inspired by the London 2012 Olympic Games and combines projections of light with droplets of water which ripple outwards in the manifestation of a perpetually moving image of the iconic symbol of the Olympic rings.

I was also particularly mesmerized by a piece entitled Trace Yorself by Balint Bolygo (pictured below), (IMAGE_03) in which a revolving plaster cast of a person’s head is slowly deconstructed into a mathematical diagram. Although this is by no means a new concept in kinetic art the smooth operation of the machine as it spiraled repeatedly to create a really quite beautiful graphic image was totally hypnotising.

The fair was bustling with enthusiastic visitors, all of whom were buzzing with the fun of the fair. The show offered a genuine good time to all unveiling the fun side of art whilst also offering a unique opportunity to view and purchase artworks from leading contemporary arts organisations and artists specialising in kinetic, electronic, robotic, light, and sound art.

Experimental Lighting

February 5, 2010

This spooky glowing chemistry set is the latest in the labware lighting range from Benjamin Hubert in collaboration with British manufacturer Authentics. Hubert has created three test tube inspired designs, which may be displayed as floor lights or hanging pendent bulbs. Each light is mouth blown and hand finished, made from opal and clear glass with Portuguese bark corks and blue braided cable. The handmade nature of the lights makes each one a unique work of art in it’s own right. So if you’re looking to give your home that Frankenstien feel, or simply have a yearning to reconnect with your school days of chemistry sets and science lessons, Hubert’s labware lighting is just the ticket.