Esthetic Judgements

January 4, 2010


Having recently grabbed a last chance to visit the retrospective exhibition of John Baldessari’s work at the Tate Modern, ‘Pure Beauty’, I would definitely recommend a trip to anyone. It’s a beautifully curated, though provoking exhibition displaying a huge range of work full of wit ,sensibility, self-critic, humour, intellect, connections, age and political awareness.

Prima Facie (Third state):From Aghast to Upset, 2005, photo courtesy of Baldessari studio

Much of the work is written text which although initially confusing encourages you to consider what constitutes a work of art as well as to give some thought to the philisophical question that is highlighted.

Photo courtesy of Marian Goodman Gallery NY

The work will make you laugh, think, confuse and perplex you, exactly what you want from a great exhibition. I particularly love this piece; ‘Cigar smoke to Match Clouds that are the Same’ (by sight, side view)…

Detail: Cigar Smoke to Match Clouds that are the same , 1970-1971, photo courtesy of Marian Goodman Gallery NY

¬†John Baldessari, ‘Pure Beauty’ closes January 10th 2010.