Mystery Multiples from New Museum and Third Draw Down

February 24, 2010

Third Draw Down; have launched their new project ‘Multiboxes’ this week in collaboration with New York’s New Museum. The Multibox is a unique multiple edition, the contents of which has been created by one of five acclaimed artists; Rashid Johnson, Douglas Gordon, Fawn Krieger and Tristan Perich.

The contents of the sealed Multibox remains a mystery and all that is known prior to opening is that it will be a three dimensional object created by one of the collaborative artists. The element of mystery elicits intrigue and promises surprise and fun for whoever opens it! Each artist was free to design whatever object they liked to fill the contents of the mystery Mutibox, restricted only by size and weight requirements. Each artist has created extraordinary designs, some thoughtful, some expressive and some humorous but all an expression of the artist’s unique personality and style. The boxes were launched this week, produced in limited editions of 2,000 (500 per artist), and are available to buy now.


My Sentiments Exactly

February 23, 2010

Now, I remember making a sampler when I was in year three but it was nowhere near this cool. In fact, mine was so atrocious it got thrown out while my sisters is still in pride of place, framed on my parents bedroom wall. Sad but true. I reckon if I’d come home with one of these beauties my self esteem might not be in the tatterd shreds you find it in today.

In Case of Emergency Break Dance Sampler by Miso Funky

Make Tea Not War Sampler by Miso Funky

To buy visit – a very cute online store run by Rachael Lamb.

The Dark Side of Shopping

December 31, 2009

A new addition to the sweeping trend of ‘curated’ shopping has hit the high street; Darkroom on Lamb’s Conduit Street opened earlier this month offering a meticulously researched expose of pieces from the fashion, interior and lifestyle arenas. The space is simple yet beautifully crafted, offering a selection of stunning wares displayed with talented artistry.

The Darkroom concept offers an exploration into the crossover between fashion and interiors through the juxtaposition of materials, scale and form. Boundaries between art and design are questioned by functional pieces that also hold sculptural qualities. Darkroom proprieters Rhonda Drakeford and Lulu Roper-Caldbeck explain that ‘Oversize plaited quilted scarves resemble eiderdowns whilst jewellery made from chunky rope evoke Sculptural furnishings’.

Alongside the range of fashion and lifestyle offerings, Darkroom also runs bi-monthly art and sculpture exhibitions. Currently on display until January 2010 is Central Saint Martins and Royal College of Art graduate Marcus James, a London based artist and designer. James has worked on commissions for Chloe, Yves Saint Laurent, and Camilla Stærk and will present a set of 16 drypoint copper etched portraits, reworked with gold ink, each available in editions of 10 exclusively at Darkroom.

Darkroom, 52 Lamb’s Conduit Street, London, WC1N 3LL

Turn your home into a 19th Century Manor

December 8, 2009

Ok so may so maybe easier said than done but this gorgeous collection of homewares will get you off to a good start. These pieces are part of a range developed between Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire and students at the Royal College of Art. Waddesdon, best known as the home of Rothschilds, first commissioned students with the project last year and following on fromthe initial, recently launched their second collaborative range. All the pieces are inspired by the Manor’s impressive 19th century decor and juding by the results, students were certainly not stuck for ideas. Below hightlights a selection from the collection, all of which is available to purchase online at Waddesdon Online Shop.

Clockwise starting from top left… Hitomi Hisono: Spoon on Spoon (£15), Rachel Colley: Letter Rack (£25), Owen Wall: Spun Glass Bowl (£120), Nathalie Perneel: Architectural Brooches (£45)