Squid & Tabernacle’s Shipping Container Closure

Curatorial duet George Major and Hanna Sorrell of itinerant art gallery Squid & Tabernacle, must feel quite at home in their Dalston shipping container by now. Their previous three exhibitions have all been staged in the claustrophobic pod, which has proved to be a remarkably versatile space throughout the course of the year.

But now as they say, ‘all good things must come to an end’ and so it is time for Squid & Tabernacle to find a new home, but not without one final fantastic finale exhibition to give the shipping container the farewell it deserves. From September 2nd S&T present; Matthew Coombes: Come What Will.

Incorporating sculpture, sound and installation, Coombes’ multidisciplinary practice is concerned with concepts of boundaries and permissions, exploring the continually surprising and intriguing effect of discord between that which is expected and what is delivered.

For Come What Will, Coombes brings together elements of his practice drawing upon typically unacknowledged everyday materials. In the subversion of their origin, the delineation of art object and originator becomes perverted, imbuing the work with a sense of unease.

Show: Matthew Coombes: Come What Will
When: 3rd-26th September 2010
Private view: 2nd September 6-9pm
Where: Hartwell Stree, London
Website: www.squidandtabernacle.com

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