Dog Art

August 30, 2009

Master animal photographer Ren Netherland has found a way to turn Dog’s into a whole new species – GENIUS! If you’re not the biggest fan of canines then I can think of nothing better than to use artistic talent to groom them into something better…

A Horse…

A Camel…

A Buffalow…

Or even a panda…

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Lazarides Shop

August 30, 2009

August 007

I recently came across the Lazaride’s Gallery Shop in Soho. It’s a great space selling some really nice prints and pieces, all on display for a browse with no pressure to buy anything.

August 005

The shop hosts a changing programme of edgy urban and ‘outsider’ art from the likes of Jamie Hewlett, Antony Micallef, Faile, Stanley Donwood, Mode 2, Paul Insect and Space Invader.

August 009

The best work is on the lower floor known as ‘The Dungeon’. There’s currently an interesting Space Invader animation playing and this rather bizarre sculpture of a man with his head in the wall…?

August 006

Lazaride’s Gallery on Lazaride’s Gallery: “Committed to creating an unconventional atmosphere in which to witness unconventional artworks as far out as taxidermy renderings, Lazarides focuses on pushing the boundaries of ‘street art’, promoting artists who create without formal training, but rather by their own inspirations, imaginations and relationship to popular culture.”

Lazaride’s Shop, 8 Greek Street, Soho, London W1D 4DG

Invader at Lazarides Gallery

August 26, 2009

August 017

Lazarides Gallery on Rathbone Place is currently showing new works from Invader, the French artist internationally recognised for the ubiquitous placement of his logo inspired by the 1970s computer game figure ‘Space Invader’…

August 010

The Exhibition Low Fidelity runs until 17th September 2009. The works are taken from Invader’s latest series ‘Rubikcubism’ where the Rubiks cube becomes the key artistic medium. Invader utilises this classic retro toy to create mosaic style images as well as being the inspiration for large sculptural installations.

August 011

August 014

Well worth a visit…

Lazarides Rathbone
11 rathbone Place

(see website for more info)

Supermarket Sarah

August 20, 2009

This cute little online boutique takes vintage shopping into the online domain in a charming way. Selling a range of retro fashion, wonderful trinkets and work from new designers, Supermarket Sarah offers some great one off products. The web page takes is designed as a shop window lay out with the opening scene changing feel, theme and style regularly to keep you on your toes. A new window-shopping experience for culture shoppers.

supermarket sarah

Summer Season Draws to a Close

August 19, 2009

This summer’s season of exhibitions is drawing to a close with some of the best shows having less than an month left to go. Of all the exhibitions this summer Walking in my Mind at the Hayward Gallery stands out as by far the most impressive. The show exhibits the work of ten international artists – Charles Avery, Thomas Hirschhorn, Yayoi Kusama, Bo Christian Larsson, Mark Manders, Yoshitomo Nara, Jason Rhoades, Pipilotti Rist, Chiharu Shiota and Keith Tyson -each of whom transform the gallery’s interior space and outdoor sculpture terraces into a series of gigantic sculptural environments,  representing an individual mindscape. The show closes on 6th September.

southbank 019

I also recently enjoyed the current Richard Long exhibition Heaven and Earth at Tate Britain. This is a beautifully curated show that instills a sense of calm serenity as you wander round the tranquil space. Long draws his inspiration from nature making art from his experiences with the earth. He rethinks the relationship between art and the landscape through his epic walks depicted by map patterns, photography and large installations of rocks and organic materials. Heaven and Earth also runs until 6th September.


So get your skates on before it’s too late!

Walking in My Mind at the Hayward Gallery

Richard Long: Heaven and Earth at Tate Britain

China supports its Creative Industries

August 18, 2009

Despite booming sales in the Asian art market throughout 2008, nowhere has been immune to the ravaging effects of global recession. The Chinese art scene was devastated by the collapse in prices that saw the disappearance of scores of galleries in the first months of this year.

Canon Beijing 254

Hope is on the horizon however, and according to the Art Newspaper China is now witnessing the first tentative signs of recovery, underwritten by significant regional government investment in both Shanghai and Beijing. The Chinese capital and other regions are set to receive huge investments to stimulate “creative industries”—an umbrella term which includes the arts. Under this programme, said Dong Menyang, director of the Art Beijing fair, “the Beijing government has also set aside Rmb1bn ($146m) to promote cultural industry development.” Recovery is still a slow process however, and times are particularly hard for artist’s in Beijing’s troubled 798 district. Artist have been staging rent strikes in protest against the high studio fees whilst the area has also suffered a spate of break-ins, with galleries losing computers and suffering smashed windows.

Canon Beijing 264

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Fancy a Rank?…at the Old Truman Brewery

August 3, 2009


Last Thursday saw the opening night of celebrity photographer John Rankin’s epic retrospective exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery. Epic is no over statement; described as ‘museum scale’, the exhibition covers 22,000 square foot and includes over 600 of Rankin’s distinctive images from is archive. Rankin showcases a vast array of his work spanning  across his 22 year career. His subjects range from Kate Moss to the Queen with themes ranging from the bizarre to the erotic, cleverly curated within separated sectioned off areas. The exhibition goes by the title ‘Fancy a Rank’ and whoever came up with that cheeky line had a few more where that came from, ‘He came, he saw, he ranked’, ‘Rank OFF!’ and ‘I’ve been Ranking’ were all displayed on button badges handed out at the entrance on the night of the private view.


This is an ambitious and entertianing show from one of the world’s most talented celebrity photographers and is well worth a visit. The show is on at The Old Truman Brewery, 85 Brick Lane and runs for 7 weeks until 18th September.

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