Gavin Bond: Music

February 22, 2010

Grace Jones © Gavin Bond

The latest exhibition from Idea Generation Gallery unveils a collection of photographs from maverick photographer Gavin Bond. The exhibition is a celebration of music and its excessive celebrity associations. This is the first exhibition of Bond’s music photography and displays extravagant images of this generation’s biggest stars from rock Gods such as Steven Tyler and Ozzy Osborne to pop princesses Girls Aloud and Katy Perry.

Stephen Tyler © Gavin Bond courtesy of Idea Generation

Gavin Bond is acclaimed as one of the UK’s most successful contemporary photographers having gained access into the lives of some of the best known celebrities and shooting highly intimate and telling portraits. The works originate from a variety of shoots such as magazine covers for GQ and Q, album artwork and imagery for hit HBO dramas as well as never before seen private moments and behind the scenes reportage.

Idea Generation Gallery Manager, Eloise Rowley commented: “Gavin Bond’s photos evoke many of the greatest popular cultural photographers of our time. His portfolio of work stands alongside world renowned photographers.” Bond’s distinctive style delves deep beneath the skin of his subjects to reveal a sense of personality and emotion usually masked to the public. The array of iconic figures featured side-by-side offers a rich tapestry of celebrated music icons in one indulgent hit of pure celebrity voyeurism.

The Killers © Gavin Bond courtesy of Idea Generation Gallery

No Doubt © Gavin Bond courtesy of Idea Generation Gallery