Squid and Tabernacle Take Up Residence in an East London Shipping Container

March 24, 2010

‘Nervous Wreck’ (Detail), 2010

The nomadic gallery that is Squid & Tabernacle has found a home – for a short while at least and it’s a shipping container in Dalston!

This brand new creative project is launching on Thursday 1st April exhibiting sculptural installations by artist Rachel Price. This will be the first in a series of short term exhibition in varying media and venues.

‘Facade’ (Study), 2010

The show is called ‘Planning Permission’ and will feature Price’s sculptural creations – strikingly unfeasible architectural models and hypothetical landscapes which form an uncanny analogue to the industrial landscape of their surroundings.

Price describes her work to be “driven by a dissatisfaction of our over-reliance on simulation and representation over bodily experience with the objects around us.” Her work investigates the tension between the frank and physical nature of the object and the deceptive nature of the image.

‘The Gist’ (Detail), 2010

‘Planning Permission’ (Installation detail), 2010

‘Planning Permission’, curated by Squid and Tabernacle, runs between 2nd and 23rd April 2010.




Korean Eye: Moon Generation

July 19, 2009

Korean Eye 01

If you can make it up the stairs as far as the top floor of the Saatchi Gallery then the the Phillips De Pury Exhibition is well worth a visit. Phillips has been bringing new artists to the forefront of the contemporary art scene for many years now and the current exhibition focuses on Korea. ‘Korean Eye: The Moon Generation’ is a selling exhibition bringing together a group of leading Korean contemporary artists and galleries exhibiting some vibrant pieces to say the least.

Pips blog 047

Yi Hwankwon ‘Jangdockdae’ 2008

The art scene in Korea is rapidly developing and this particular collection has proved extremely popular with the dates for it’s display having been extended from 5th July to 13th September at the request of Charles Saatchi himself – so there’s still time to nab your very own Korean masterpiece (funding permitting).

Korean Eye 03Yoon Jongseok ‘Masked Net’ 2008

Pips blog 045

Whang Inkie ‘Pla Mountain’ 2009

Abstract in America

July 19, 2009

The whole look of the Saatchi Gallery never fails to be engaging with it fresh clean walls, grand windows and white washed wooden floorboards, the whole atmosphre is always bright and airy. Whilst some of the work in the current ‘Abstract in America’ exhibition is a little difficult to get your head around (off the wall installations and a selection of bizarre sculptures), the work is beautifully curated and the look of the show is certainly impressive.

Abstract in America

Kristin Baker ‘The Unfair Advantage’ 2003

Baker’s work has become iconic of the exhibition as a whole. Her bold, acrylic on PVC works play on ideas of technology and painting.

Pips blog 024

Pips blog 025

Sterling Ruby ‘Kiss Trap Kismet’ 2008

Ruby’s three dimensional structure engages with traditional considerations of sculpture being inherently relative to the human bodyin its occupation of real space and experienced physically. He uses PVC pipe, urethane, and  expanding foam to achieve this fascinatingly grotesque effect.

Pips blog 018Matt Johnson ‘The Pianist’ 2005

A single gigantic blue plastic tarpaulin has been folded and refolded by  Johnson into a larger-than-life origami rendering of a piano and pianist. This piece was made in tribute to the American physicist and origami buff Robert J Lang.

Pips blog 030

Pips blog 031Peter Coffin ‘Untitled’ (Spiral Staircase) 2007

Coffin turns a feature of mundane utility into a dizzying conceptual game. Through his humorous constructions, Coffin bridges art history and everyday experience.

More work from the exhibition is featured on the flickr stream

Wax Sculptures

July 12, 2009

Wax sculptures at DoArt Gallery in Chaoyang District, Beijing. This was a huge, warehouse gallery and these wax figures were dotted around the enormous blank space. They appear to be mutated bodies wearing gas masks with various limbs missing.

Canon Beijing 277

Canon Beijing 275

Canon Beijing 274