Artistic Collisions in the World of Social Media

July 28, 2010

Check out NewSpeak, an online arts project created by Immo Blaese for the 10th Web Biennial at the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum.

The website is a virtual world of colliding words & messages that seems to represent the incessent influx of information that is constantly being fired around internet space. It’s really quite mesmerising to watch.

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Interview With Art Below Founder, Ben Moore

April 9, 2010

In an insightful chat with Art Below’s eccentric founder and director Ben Moore the conversation spanned across everything from The Life of Brian and eco-farms to spiritual quests, ambitions and of course a bit of art was thrown in for good measure.

Not long into the conversation with Ben it became clear his greatest desire in life is to be “free”. He spent many years fighting the shackles of employment only to now find himself director of his own company, trapped by the constraints of running a business. “For a while it was hard” he admits, “I never planned for Art Below last as long as it has. It started out with a laptop and a phone but as soon as the banks got involved there were suddenly debts to pay and the only way to stay afloat was to keep the business running. It was a sort of spiral really”. But today, the project is going from strength to strength, now established in Tokyo and Berlin and fast developing links in Paris, Hong Kong, Stockholm and Dubai over 800 artists have displayed their work to tens on millions of commuters thanks to Art Below.

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Mystery Multiples from New Museum and Third Draw Down

February 24, 2010

Third Draw Down; have launched their new project ‘Multiboxes’ this week in collaboration with New York’s New Museum. The Multibox is a unique multiple edition, the contents of which has been created by one of five acclaimed artists; Rashid Johnson, Douglas Gordon, Fawn Krieger and Tristan Perich.

The contents of the sealed Multibox remains a mystery and all that is known prior to opening is that it will be a three dimensional object created by one of the collaborative artists. The element of mystery elicits intrigue and promises surprise and fun for whoever opens it! Each artist was free to design whatever object they liked to fill the contents of the mystery Mutibox, restricted only by size and weight requirements. Each artist has created extraordinary designs, some thoughtful, some expressive and some humorous but all an expression of the artist’s unique personality and style. The boxes were launched this week, produced in limited editions of 2,000 (500 per artist), and are available to buy now.