Wellcome Collection set to bare some ‘Skin’

May 18, 2010

The ‘Skin’ exhibition invites you to re-evaluate the largest and probably most overlooked human organ. This fascinating new exhibition at the Wellcome Colletuion will consider the changing importance of skin, from anatomical thought in the 16th century through to contemporary artistic exploration.
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OMA Book Machine: The Books of OMA

May 16, 2010

Can a book be an architectural form? According to the Architectural Association School (AA) in Bloomsbury they can. The AA’s current exhibition does just that, displaying books produced by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) and its many collaborators in order to reveal their key role as a revolutionary architectural form.

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Jamie Reid: Let it Grow

May 16, 2010

Green Bar by Jamie Reid

As the UK enters into its first hung parliament decades, we are approaching a period of intense political uncertainty and instability. It thus seems more appropriate than ever, to consider art’s position within the political arena and L-13 Gallery in Clerkenwell is doing exactly that. The gallery’s current show is a collection of works by radical political veteran and activist Jamie Reid, a collection which derives predominantly from the artist’s political discontentment and contextual motivations.

Jamie Reid, born in 1952, is an artist and anarchist, considered by many to have defined the image of punk rock in the UK. He famously created art work for the Sex Pistols including the album cover to Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols and the iconic punk image of Queen Elizabeth II, with a safety pin through her nose and swastikas in her eyes. His latest exhibition, Jamie Reid: Let it Grow, is a collection of the artist’s most recent work, all of which are integrated heavily with his life, belief system, radicalism and activism.

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The Fine Line Between Art and Comedy

May 11, 2010

‘The Descent of Chris Tarrant Into Hellby Harry Hill, oil on board

Who knew TV Burp host Harry Hill is a bit of a don with a paint brush? His colourful oil painting are very much in tune with the comedian’s sense of humour, picking upon figures in popular culture such as Jedwood, Susan Boyle and Chris Tarrant. Of course the Royal family are prime targets too. In a recent interview with TATE ETC. Magazine, Harry revealed all about his lesser know talent as a painter.

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The Cunning Disguise Tee…

May 10, 2010

These ‘Cunning Disguise’ T-shirts by artist Tony Easley are pure genius. Ever tried to get into a nightclub you were previously barred from? Or called in sick to work then seen your boss out in town? This tash design t-shirt could get you out of some very sticky situations.

These Tees come courtesy of I Dress Myself, an eco-friendly screen printing business, established in Nottingham by Peter and Hannah Conway. They work with artists from around the world to produce an exclusive range of screen printed good including bags, badges, pillows and prints all available from their online shop. Each product is limited edition and printed by hand using eco friendly water-based inks.


The Indefinable artist (or should that be designer?)

May 9, 2010

Ron Arad’s multi-disciplinary work has long been described to defy categorization, covering an array of genres including art, design, sculpture and architecture. In his current exhibition at the Barbican Centre, Arad’s work is presented in such a way that it responds to each of the categories. The opening room encourages visitors to play, touch and interact with the work in such a way that reminds viewers that each piece is a functioning object, designed for every day life.

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May 8, 2010

On Thursday 6 May the Barbican Centre hosted an evening of fantasy and imagination in the form of a whimsical Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. The Barbican’s Garden Room was transformed into a dream like wonderland adorned with floating edible treats and fantastical fairy lights while the fancy costumes worn by guests added to the atmosphere of wonderment.

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