Show Art Some Affection in 2010

March 2, 2010

This month saw the launch of Love Art London; a brand new art membership club which organises unique experiences in our own capital city – the very hub of art and culture that is London town. For anyone who has a genuine passion for the arts but finds their enjoyment compromised by the busy crowds at the weekend or simply works and plays too hard to find time for culture in their daily routine, this new scheme could be exactly what you’re looking for. Aimed at busy, professional types, Love Art London provides exclusive late night access to galleries and exhibitions and hosts eye-opening experiences including film screenings, talks and tours offering a refreshing alternative to mundane week night activities.

Love Art London launch party at The Estorick Collection, Islington

Highlights over the next few months include evening admission to the universally acclaimed, Van Gogh exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts – this is a unique opportunity to bypass the seething hoards of tourists and weekend visitors and enjoy a far more relaxed experience of this remarkable exhibition. April offerings include a member’s only film screening of Andy Goldsworthy’s fascinating Rivers and Tides at The Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury. And for anyone who’s ever wanted a sneaky insight into what goes on behind the scenes at London’s most prestigious auction house, membership to the scheme offers access to a private tour of Sotheby’s in May. Previously employed as paintings expert at Sotheby’s, Love Art London founder Chris Pensa should be more than qualified to facilitate an engaging and informative tour.

Chris Pensa (left) founder of Love Art London

A self proclaimed ‘brave pioneer’, Chris hopes to “ignite a fire in your belly and give you something interesting to talk about” as he puts it. Last week’s Love Art London launch party at The Estorick Collection in Islington was attended by art  world greats such as Tracy Emin, Andy Goldsworthy and Frida Kahlo (or very convincing look-a-likes at least!) and provided an initial taster of the playful spirit at the heart of the enterprise. Along with the fun comes a genuine passion to make art more easily accessible to those who want it and Chris insists, “We’re deadly Serious About Art”.

Frida Kahlo? At the Love London Launch

Membership costs just £25/month so why not make a gesture of Love towards Art today and sign up online at