‘I Didn’t Know there was Chicken in this Soup’

The latest up and coming name on the current art scene is VITO SCHNABEL, a New York youngster whose been dealing since he was at school. Now in his early twenties, Schnabel has a serious history of curating projects and spotting talent and is rapidly forging his career having been deemed the next Leo Castelli, the iconic gallerist who changed the face of the contemporary-art market in the ’60s. Bestowing his artistic vision upon (where other than) East London, you can find his latest exhibition on display at 20 Hoxton Square Projects, showcasing works by THEO A ROSENBLUM.

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The Exhibition ‘I Didn’t Know There Was Chicken in This Soup’, consist of humorous paintings, sculptures and drawings influenced by comic books, horror films and medieval art. Rosenblum’s work is described to be about ‘the natural order of the world; mankind’s artificial replications and interruptions of order and his own skepticism and fears this generates’…in other words, life can often make you feel like a shit magnet…

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The exhibition runs from 24th June – 1st August at 20 Hoxton Square Projects, London, N1 6NT.


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