Artistic Collisions in the World of Social Media

July 28, 2010

Check out NewSpeak, an online arts project created by Immo Blaese for the 10th Web Biennial at the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum.

The website is a virtual world of colliding words & messages that seems to represent the incessent influx of information that is constantly being fired around internet space. It’s really quite mesmerising to watch.

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The summer Gallery

July 11, 2010

Nowadays the Royal Academy recieves close to 10,000 annual submissions from professionals and members of the public hoping to make the cut for the presitgious Summer Exhibition. Unfortunately, only about 10% of these ever make the final cut. Two years ago one Rocco Sciaraffa, an amateur photographer, having had his own work rejected, was inspired to create an opportunity for all these works to be displayed.

In an interview with the Times, Sciaraffa said; “I saw that there were so many great pieces of work here, which the public might never get to see…I felt there had to be an outlet for all this rejected art.”

Subsequently, the Summer Gallery was born. Rejected art works are displayed in an online gallery enabling all artist to display their work to a wide audience. There is no fee for uploading up to 10 pieces, only a 10% commission charge if a work is sold on the site.

Why not take a browse now and see if anything catches your eye?…

Acupuncture Art Competition 2010

June 8, 2010

Acupuncture Clothing and Lazy Gramophone are offering a great opportunity to all designers and artists out there. They asking entrants to design T-shirts and shoes for the London clothing company with first prize winning £500 plus a free gift of a product where your artwork is used and runners up winning £200 plus a free gift of a product where your artwork is used.

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The Fine Line Between Art and Comedy

May 11, 2010

‘The Descent of Chris Tarrant Into Hellby Harry Hill, oil on board

Who knew TV Burp host Harry Hill is a bit of a don with a paint brush? His colourful oil painting are very much in tune with the comedian’s sense of humour, picking upon figures in popular culture such as Jedwood, Susan Boyle and Chris Tarrant. Of course the Royal family are prime targets too. In a recent interview with TATE ETC. Magazine, Harry revealed all about his lesser know talent as a painter.

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Rules of London

March 1, 2010

Le cool Newsletter

My Sentiments Exactly

February 23, 2010

Now, I remember making a sampler when I was in year three but it was nowhere near this cool. In fact, mine was so atrocious it got thrown out while my sisters is still in pride of place, framed on my parents bedroom wall. Sad but true. I reckon if I’d come home with one of these beauties my self esteem might not be in the tatterd shreds you find it in today.

In Case of Emergency Break Dance Sampler by Miso Funky

Make Tea Not War Sampler by Miso Funky

To buy visit – a very cute online store run by Rachael Lamb.

Possibly some truth in this…?

February 21, 2010