Ashmolean Museum Gets a Makeover

October 27, 2009

It’s Britain’s oldest public museum but thanks to a £62 million redevelopment, museum director Christopher Brown and his architect Rick Mather have dragged Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum into the 21st Century.


Mather’s subtle extension actually doubles the museum’s display space which now boasts six floors – one underground – and no fewer than 39 new galleries, including four for temporary exhibitions. The museum is set to reopen on 7th November and is expected to engage with a wider public audience than ever before. In the Guardian today Jonathan Glancey describes gushes of the work; “While Mather’s Ashmolean addition is a magical combination of cool stone, oak floors, spruce plywood, polished plaster, steel, glass and zinc, all its elements have been brought together with a lightness of touch… he result is a building in which every last inch is hard at work, while giving the opposite impression.” Read the full article.