Miss Cakehead Prooves Great Art is a Piece of Cake

The Fairtrade Mad Artist Tea Party opened at London’s Future Gallery over this bank holiday weekend to the delight of eager edible art fans. The show really did pull in quite a crowd, and it’s no surprise considering the fun original concept and the talent involved including Pete Fowler, Stuart Semple, Bompas and Parr, Jon Burgerman and Peat Wollaeger (stenSOUL).

If you missed the exhibition here are a few snaps of the delectable creations…

An Installation by The Jellymongers (Bompas and Parr) using a crystalised Fairtrade sugar coat on porcelain objects.

EYEZ of the cake by US-based stencil artist Peat Wollaeger (stenSOUL) in colaboration with bakery Bea’s of Bloomsbury.

Captain Fairtrade by artist and cartoonist Pete Fowler is entirely edible from head to two. The cake was created by the talented Michelle Wibowo.

Artist Jon Burgerman createt this cute confectionous burger cakes in collaboration with Crumbs and Dolls…’Can’t say FAIRer than that’.

Stuart Semple’s Cake’tastic creation; ‘Cloud Kukoo Land’ takes pole position in the centre of the room. The work encourages the viewer to ask the age old question; ‘is the myth of love fair?’ The cake was made in partnership with Paul Baker.

The Fairtrade Mad Artists Tea Party is sponsored by Tate & Lyle & teamed the UK’s most creative bakers with artists and creatives, challenging them to create with sugar. For more information on future events visit the website.


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