The Art Lift by Art Below

The ever expanding creative initiative Art Below, is taking over the London Underground one step at a time. You will already likely be familiar with the quirky art works often displayed in regular advertising spaces across tube platforms, but now commuters at Kennington Tube Station will be greeted with a bounty art work created by up 16 MA students at the City & Guilds of London Art School. Twenty A1 sized panels inside the 2 passenger lifts (normally taken up by advertising) are currently dominated by a varied selection of works.

Maggie Kennedy, ‘Before the Fires’

Marie Thurn Und Taix ‘Untitled’

This is the first time that the Art Below collective have transformed a lift into an art gallery and the display has been commissioned especially to co-inside with the City and Guilds MA Fine Art Show. The unique exhibition runs between 9 and 12 September 2010, when the students are also showing their work in the Georgian surroundings of the school’s historic site on the edge of Cleaver Square. So if you find yourself jumping on the tube at Kennington in the next few days, be sure to absorb some of the culture from this arty lift below!


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