A Seaside Trip to…Whitechapel?

The weather might not be up to much but it’s still summer and everyone likes a trip to the seaside so what better way to spend a lazy sunday than with a trip to the beach? Not the coast mind, this beach is in Whitechapel of all places. Scrivener’s Cove is a little-known writers’ and readers’ retreat that pops up intermittently in cities such as London. The pop up beach will be run by the Whitechapel Gallery, supported by Stanley Picker Trust, offering a relaxing space in the heart of the East in Altab Ali Park. So why not bring along a picnic and beach towel, a novel (or a trashy mag!) and spend the afternoon in the sand?

Activities include literary volleyball, where teams of writers with contrary agendas battle it out on a paper ‘court’; a snack bar selling books, magazines and fanzines; a range of seaside chintz and postcards; crafted crustaceans; a rockpool of authors’ epigraphs; a crop of vhs seaweed; art publication sandcastles, and beachcombing for holiday novels. If non of that makes sense you’ll have to head down there to check it our for yourself.

A Day at the Beach in Whitechapel
Sunday 22 August, 1pm – 5pm


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