Artistic Collisions in the World of Social Media

Check out NewSpeak, an online arts project created by Immo Blaese for the 10th Web Biennial at the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum.

The website is a virtual world of colliding words & messages that seems to represent the incessent influx of information that is constantly being fired around internet space. It’s really quite mesmerising to watch.

The concept of the project is to pick up on George Orwell’s idea of “Doublespeak” a language which deliberately reverses the meaning of words and limits our expressions. NewSpeak is based on live Twitter and Flickr feeds, combining an image with a tweet in order to address questions on how we validate information and how social networks change the way we express ourselves.

In an age where social networking has rapidly become such a huge platform for engagement, having changed so much in terms of how we interact and live are lives, Newspeak is a really interesting & thought provoking online, artistic initiative.


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