Sparkling Politics

Finally I see something I like from our electoral candidates. After weeks of smarmy grins, insincere sincerity and irritatingly emphatic hand gestures on our TVs every Thursday night, I much prefer their faces emblazoned on glittering canvases.

In a series of four portraits, artist Steve Barrett has immortalised the faces of Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Nick Griffin in dazzling glitter.

The portraits were comissioned by online art gallery, New Blood Art where bids are being taken from eager buyers now until the general election on Thursday. It will be interesting to see how far prices will reflect actual public opinion – David Cameron is currently well ahead in the bidding stakes while Griffin lags far behind.

Gordon Brown by Steve Barrett

David Cameron by Steve Barrett

Nick Clegg by Steve Barrett

Nick Griffin by Steve Barrett

More About Steve Barrett:

Being a huge fan of popular and mass culture, Steven is influenced by anything ‘over the top’ such as carnivals, christmas, fairgrounds, nightclubs, popular musicals, TV and film, camp and the 80’s.

Barrett uses iconic images and influences from popular culture – and where the medium of glitter has often provided a complement to the subject matter of the portraits, it now provides a sly counterpoint.


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