The Aroma-Diner by Twenty For Harper Road

Great art is all about evoking reaction through sensory pleasure, be it visual, aural, physical or even through scent. Now Raw Canvas brings you The Aroma Diner; a four course meal, enjoyed purely through smell. Aroma Diner is part of a series of twenty exhibitions currently being staged at 24 Harper Road, as part of the Twenty For Harper Road project.

Today’s startling unbalance in attitudes towards food and diet across the world is a fascinating topic. As we watch overweight westerners turn to gastric bands and liposuction to solve obesity, poorer nations finds themselves struggling in the depths of famine. At the same time, concerns over food supplies are ever increasing, particularly in the UK where we are severely over dependent on oil in order for our food to reach us. With the potential for a food crisis looming over us like a ticking time bomb, the Aroma-Diner poses the question; “Are we just 3 meals away from anarchy?”

Aroma-Diner takes place at 20 Harper Road on 16th April and will take the form or a sensory feast of perfumes; a four course meal of starter, fish course, main and desert, all to be experienced through scent and scent alone. The event will be followed by a day of conversations, talks and workshops on 17th April with some influential designers, journalists, critics and innovators.

To experience this fascinating and innovative event for yourself, go to the 3 meals away from anarchy website and book yourself a spot.


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