‘Raskols and Sing-Sing’ at Jack Bell Gallery

Over the past six years, Stephen Dupont has traveled to Papua New Guinea, photographically documenting its changing face and the powerful impact of globalisation on the fabric of its traditional Melanesian society. Raskols and Sing-Sing is an in-depth study of cultural erosion as well as a celebration of an ancient people.

The images are absolutely captivating, and as is usually the case with such powerful art, they absolutely speak for themselves. Enjoy this sneak preview but get down to the exhibition to see them for real.

Photography has the power
“to move, motivate, and change the world”

“It is an attempt to relate the experience
of communities that would otherwise just disappear, people at the bottom of a half ruined country.”

The work is “a reflection and a mediation on a unique place, and it may also be seen as a warning for other, seemingly more ‘secure’ cultures.”

‘This body of work will counter stereotypical myths
of Papua New Guinea with honest representations
of the people, their culture and identity.”

Quotes from photographer/ artist Stephen Dupont (2010 Robert Gardner Fellow in Photography)

Raskols and Sing-Sing runs until 25th April 2010 at Jack Bell Gallery


2 Responses to ‘Raskols and Sing-Sing’ at Jack Bell Gallery

  1. kseverny says:

    these are really cool pics.
    i feel sure the exhibition will be a success

  2. Immo Blaese says:

    Stunning photography, can’t miss that exhibition.

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