Cringeworthy Creativity

Have you ever created a piece of art that makes you wince everytime you look at it? No amount of tweaking can transform the monstrosity into something fit for the realms of the art world? The  Art-Bin might be just what you need. This much hyped project began last week and will involve the artist Michael Landy transforming the South London Gallery into a bin for artistic failures. Art Bin takes the form of an enormous 600m³ container which will gradually be filled over the course of the exhibition ultimately creating, in the artist’s words, “a monument to creative failure”. Landy famously destroyed all his possessions in his 2001 installation ‘Break Down’ and this major new work also raises issues around disposal, destruction, value and ownership. Anyone can apply to dispose of their work in the Art Bin, but only those works accepted by Michael Landy or his representative will make it in. If you’ve got a piece of creativity gone wrong that makes you cringe every time you look at it, the Art bin could be the key to it’s artistic destiny – Apply Now.


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