The All of Everything


When I first saw images in the press of this latest exhibition at University of the Arts London, I was despaerate to see it for myself. There was a particularly mad panic as the building in which the exhibition is held is due to be demolished at an unassigned date so the fate of this fantastic work hangs in the balance every day.

It’s the work of acclaimed artist Mike Ballard, held in the main exhibition space at Univeristy of the Arts London, just next door to Bond Street tube. This ambitious work turns the entire gallery space into an all-encompassing installation covering floors, walls and ceilings and is fittingly epic for the gallery’s final, pre-demolition showcase.

The artist self proclaims that his work transports “the viewer on a supersonic journey through a galaxy of hypermodern and prehistoric art”. Whether that seems OTT to you or not, it’s an undeniably impressive feat, disorientatingly stunning and immersive.

The images really speak for themself so if you’re tempted to “race back and project forward through art history…at blistering speed” then get down to University of Arts London, 65 Davies Street, while you still can! More info is available HERE.


One Response to The All of Everything

  1. Minnie says:

    Amazing stuff – hasn’t seen it before! Going to go this weekend…

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