Jill Magid: Authority to Remove

Opposite the millienium bridge,¬†mirroring a stunning reflection of London, I find this is a really enchanting piece of work. Unfortunately the installation by Jill Magrid, in the ground floor window of Tate Modern will be removed today as it is the last day of this intriguing artist’s exhibition ‘Authority to Remove’. In her work, as can be seen in this particular piece, Magid employs Visual strategies that render text illegible in order to frustrate and perplex the viewer, yet resulting in a magical and beautiful work.

In her Level 2 exhibition at Tate Modern, Magid explores the themes of secrets and secrecy, reflecting on the emotional, philosophical and artistic relations between institutions and the individual. Today, 3rd January 2010, is the final day of the exhibition so get over there while you still can!

Artist Statements:

I Bring things that are far away in closer to my body.
Drawing over things is a way to get inside them.
I like secrets, not neccessary in their exposure but in their very existence.
To enter a system I locate the loophole.
If my subject is made of clay, I will work in clay.
If my subject id text, I may write.
If my subject is too big, I will grow.
If my subject is out of reach, I steal it in a mirror.
Repeating something helps me to perceive it. So does cutting it out.

When in love, I separate a someone from the everyone.

Isolating details os like making bubbles.
An extra becomes the protagonist after the film is made.
Without gravity we end up hovering.
What is considered banal or cliche might be hiding something.
Permission is a material and changes the work’s consistency.


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